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Kerala: Has God's own country turning out to be a hub for terror related activities?
Eight vigilance officers raided the house of a businessman in Kerala on August 19. The officers seized gold and other things worth Rs 13 lakh. But twist is that the eight officials were not the
Clean your house in 10 minutes: The complete guide
One a holiday, you get a call that your friends or relatives are arriving in 10-15 minutes. The next thing comes to mind after this call is cleaning the house. Here are some of the tricks with
Do Aghori Sadhus really have secret powers ?
Aghori Sadhus follow unusual practices to worship thier god. They practice Black magic from various unusual practices like eating the dead, meditating near Smashan etc . They carry a skull in their
Alexander and Aristotle on India
Alexander was the greatest ruler in the past. He once invaded India. He faced tough fight from Indian ruler Porus. According to the latest information by historians, Alexander consulted his master
This man lost 12 kgs with Pokemon Go
Great news to all the Pokemon Go lovers. This game helped a man to get fit. There is no introduction needed for Pokemon Go. It is one of the trending games in the recent times. Sam Clark, a great
Improve your memory power with these tasty juices
There are many juices available in the super market. But some chemicals and preservatives are definitely used in those juices to bring taste and flavor. Your health is at risk with these juices.
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