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Tuesday, 08 December 2015 00:00

Union ministry planning to provide e-market for handlooms

Union ministry of Textiles is going to boost up the Handlooms sector in India. The Ministry is planning to provide online platforms for Handloom sellers.  The ministry is in talks with the two e-commerce firms to provide online platforms to registered producers of the ministry's 'India Handloom' brand to help them spread their reach, a senior official said.

If the discussions will be resulted handloom enthusiasts may soon be able to shop online on eBay and Amazon for products certified by the textiles ministry. "With eBay, our agreement has been done in writing," said Alok Kumar, development commissioner (handlooms), who expects handloom products to be rolled out on the online marketplace by January. Amazon India, too, is discussing the possibility of running a pilot for some of the brand's products, he said. e-Bay India's spokesperson said, "eBay India will make priority display of handloom products on its platform, leading to an exclusive section for certified-branded handloom products which either have `India Handloom' brand or 'Handloom' mark."

 The commission charged by the e-com mercer firms remains a sticking point, though. eBay has sought some clarifications because the ministry's e-marketing policy introduced in August mandates a cap of 8% for all services including shipping, according to Kumar. He said the company informed the ministry that the commission rate could be a problem when it came to shipping as the service is provided by a partner over which the firm has no control. "So we have suggested that they earmark some 2-3% for shipping and cap their charges at 6% so that the weaver seller has the liberty to arrange shipping as per his convenience," said Kumar. Amazon, too, may be settling on running a pilot because of government's cap on commission.

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