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Saturday, 19 December 2015 00:00

Indian retail apps beaten the US online retailer Amazon Featured

Online retail apps are some of the most popular apps around today, with companies too encouraging users to shop via apps rather than desktop websites. A recent report by app analytics company App Annie  shows that as far as India is concerned, Flip kart and Pay tm have beaten the US retail behemoth Amazon by the number of app downloads in India in 2015.

 With almost 192 million active Smartphone users and 180 million mobile internet users, India is the largest and the fastest growing mobile market in the world. Not just this, people have now switched to smart phones instead of using feature phones because of the amazing deals they can strike up. The analytics show the top 10 retails apps in India recorded 440% growth in their app download.  These numbers are even greater than markets like the US and Japan. In contrast, US showed only a 130% growth and Japan a 100%.

 The list is led by the likes of Flip kart, Snap deal etc which have opted for mobile-first strategy. In fact, 6 out of the top 10 retail app companies go with the mobile-first strategy. The remainder of the 10 (i.e. 4) prefer the online-only model. Compare the trend with the US or other developed countries and you’ll be surprised. In the US, for instance, Bricks & Online stores accounted for 40% of the total retail apps during the same period. This stands to show that these markets still prefer the online-only model. The huge rise in the retail app downloads is the direct result of the rise in the Smartphone users throughout the country.

 It is also noteworthy that Amazon is the only online shopping firm that has been able to penetrate into India’s Google Play top 10 retail apps by monthly active users chart. Another reason is the horse race among the network carriers which enables users to get access to data plans for great prices. The list is led by Flip kart, which means that 5 out of top 10 retail apps belong to a General Merchandise category and the rest 5 top apps in India belong to Apparel product category that are led by Myntra and Jabong.The list also has a new entry.

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