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Friday, 02 September 2016 00:00

India developed it's own operating system

China is trying hard to develop it's own operating system but India developed it's own OS.China may feel jealous of this. Because it is trying hard to develop it's own operating system from 15 years. India developed it's own OS 2 years back.

Indus OS is in the second place after Android with market share of 6.3 percent. Indus OS is made compatible with the local languages and this is the most Unique selling point of this OS. Counter Point research announced these results. Xiaomi, MIUI and other Android variants are using this Indus OS.China tried to develop their won OS but failed with COS (China operating system), Red flag etc. China Government signed MoU's with local private companies but the results did not yield positive. Indus OS created a buzz with first touch in 2015. Micromax was the first to encourage this OS.

This operating system serves the local needs. Typing in the local language,correct predictive text are the major highlights in this. When we take Iphone IoS and Indus into consideration, Indus has more demand than Iphone IOS in the local market. It is getting ready to start financial services to all it's users in association with App Bazar. This is going to help Narendra Modi's Digital India initiative. 

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