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MEIL’s Oncology building with ultra- modern amenities to support cancer patients

Hyderabad: Hon’ble Minister Sri KT Ramarao has inaugurated the new building for Oncology department in NIMS on 13th September. This building is sponsored by MEIL (Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd.) under their Charity. MEIL has constructed this building with their own cost and set-up all medical and treatment equipments along with full-fledged establishment of Intensive Care units. Managing Director of MEIL PV Krishna Reddy announced 3 years maintenance of entire ward and renovation of ground level old ward with MEIL expenditure.Minister for Medical and health Sri C. Lakshmareddy and Chairman, MEIL Sri PP Reddy, Dr. Manohar, Director NIMS, Important top people from MEIL Sri PV Subba Reddy, Sri Premkumar Pandy, Sri Akhil Reddy, Sri N Tirupathi Rao, Sri Ch Subbaiah, Sri K Goverdhan Reddy, Sri N V Rao, Sri Ashok Reddy, Sri Govind etc has participated the event. Megha Engineering Infrastructures Ltd. which always stands in the forefront in social service activities has built an Oncology building in NIMS, Hyderabad with all modern amenities on par with corporate hospitals. Study of cancers in medical parlance is called Oncology. Cancer cases are on raise in India. Cancer has no exception. It can strike any one, right from common people to celebrities. According to various studies, there are 2.5 million cancers cases in the country and every year 7 lakh new patients are reported. Once can understand the gravity of the situation as 5.50 lakh people are dying with cancer every year. Of the total deaths reported due to cancer 71% patients are in the age group of between 30 and 69. When it comes to the state of Telangana, ever year 50% raise in cancer patientsis reported. Of these Oral, Chest, Cervical cancers forms the highest in numbers. In a recent survey conducted by a Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, reveals that there were 9,164 cancer cases found in 12 districts of Telangana. Duet the fact that wide prevalence of cancer patients in the state, Megha Engineering Ltd., (MEIL) has come forward to build an Oncology block for the benefit of cancer patients. It has built an Oncology building in the premises of NIMS – Hyderabad with all ultra-modern facilities on par with corporate hospitals for those cancer patients who cannot afford treatment at corporate hospitals. MEIL has been carrying out social service activities since a long time. Special ward constructed in Ananatapur District and few villages adopted in East Godavari, Mahabubnagar, Krishna etc… Earlier it had launched an initiative called Bhojanamrutam in Niloufor Children Hospitals in Hyderabad. Under this initiative free mid-day meal was provided to attendants of children. The entire cost of free mid-meal scheme for attendants was borne by MEIL. Under Bhojanamrutam scheme 18,000 people were fed with lunch weekly. MEIL as part of its social service initiative distributed drawing books, coloured pencils to children being treated for cancer at MNJ Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad and also provided free mid-day meal to attendants of children. The 18,000 sft building, housing ultra-modern cancer facility in NIMS, has been built at a cost of Rs. 10 crore. Started in June, 2017, the building works were completed in a year time with all facilities for cancer patients in place. The Oncology building has separate wards for men and women patients, paediatric ward, leukaemia ward exclusively meant for blood cancer patients. The facility has been provided with 50 beds designed exclusively for the comfort of patients. There are 5 beds in ICU, 12 beds for men, 10 beds for women, 11 beds for children, 12 beds in the leukaemia ward. To treat patients in highly critical condition, MEIL has set up Ontological Critical Care Unit (ICU) in the building premises. Normally patients undergoing cancer treatment cannot withstand heat and warm conditions. Keeping this in mind MEIL has equipped the Oncology building with central air-conditioned facility. MEIL has ensured that the entire building has false ceiling with LED lights, CC cameras, electrical room and a bed lift to carry 20 patients at a time. The ICU is provided with oxygen and vacuum pressure facility and every two beds in wards have access to oxygen and vacuum facility. Doctors Room, Faculty Room, Store Room, Processing Room, Staff Rooms built in the facility makes it a full-fledged unit to deal with any kind of emergencies with regard to cancer patients. Oncology building that came up with all modern amenities in NIMS is on par with any corporate hospital and ready to serve the patients. Ministers K.Tarakaramarao and Lakshma reddy praised MEIL services by doing activities in Health, Medical, Rural Area Development etc works. MEIL Constructed with High Quality and Corporate level amenities oncology ward which is useful to patients needs and strength the government Health system, Ministers added. ‘Our Social service programs are continuously going on’ said MEIL chairman P.P.Reddy garu. ‘We are also providing free midday meal in several hospitals and providing minimum amenities in several villages of both Telugu speaking states’ he added. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Share Read more

MEIL successfully executed PLIS phase-II

The latest addition to Megha's saga of success The Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd (MEIL) successfully executed the Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme (PLIS) Phase-II and ready to inauguration by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. It is yet another milestone in MEIL’s journey towards creating World’s Major Irrigation vertical company. The Irrigation Department of Andhra Pradesh government awarded this project to MEIL with the estimated outlay of Rs. 1550 crore. Prior this MEIL is also completed the Phase-I of PLIS and inaugurated by The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu on15 August last year. Yeleru reservoir which has a capacity of 24 TMC feet of water has never been filled during the last ten years. It would have 10-12 TMC of water on an average. Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd. (MEIL) have mitigated the problem with Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme. The project taken up as part of Uttarandhra Sujala Sravanti is a boon to the people & farmers of East Godavari district. It also caters to the drinking water needs of the people of Visakhapatnam and addressed the water requirements of industries in Visakhapatnam including Visakhapatnam steel plant. PLIS would ensure filling Yeleru reservoir to the brim. Phase 1 of PLIS was taken up at Purushothapatnam village of Seethanagaram Mandal in East Godavari district. During the last water year, 1.6 TMC feet of water lifted from Godavari River has been pumped to Yeleru reservoir with two motors. The water pumped from the scheme flowed through Polavaram left the main canal and reached Yeleru reservoir. Purushothapatnam LIS was designed to utilize Godavari water that is otherwise discharged into the sea. “Despite several problems like laying of pipelines through agricultural lands, wet soil and hostile terrain, Megha Engineering has overcome all the hurdles to successfully complete the project on time,” said Associate Vice-President of MEIL Sri K. Rangarajan. The First Phase of this project was commissioned with 10 vertical turbine pumps with a capacity of 57 megawatts. Each pump can lift 10 cumecs of water. The pumped water will be discharged through MS pressure main in 5 rows. Each pipe is of 3200 mm diameter, which will run for a length of 10.10 Km. “The Second phase of PLIS built at Ramavaram will draw 1400 cusecs of water from the Godavari River during floods and pump it to Yeleru reservoir through Polavaram left main canal. It requires lifting water to a height of 68 meters. To enable this operation eight pumps each with a capacity of five cumecs have been installed. Water lifted from Polavaram left main canal will have to be taken to Yeleru reservoir through pipelines” explained Mr Rangarajan. For this purpose pipelines in two rows have been laid for a distance of 13.12 KM. The main objective is to supply water for irrigation to an extent of 2.15 lakh acres by making use of the existing infrastructure available at Polavaram left main canal under Pithapuram branch canal, Polavaram left main canal and Yeleru reservoir areas. Through Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme 12 TMC feet of water will be utilized for drinking and industrial needs of Visakhapatnam city. The Government estimates an annual income of Rs. 200 crore through this lift irrigation scheme. The Government acquired 254 acres required for the first phase of PLIS and handed the same to MEIL in May 2017. Megha has completed the first phase of PLIS within four months and got it commissioned by Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Similarly, the government has acquired 115 acres in Ramavaram and surrounding villages to commence works on the second phase of PLIS. MEIL has raced against time to complete the works on a war footing and made the scheme ready for commissioning. Redefining Moment for MEIL It’s a redefining moment in the history of Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd., (MEIL). It created a record of sorts for having successfully accomplished an arduous journey of setting up of massive pumps and motors for lift irrigation schemes across India. The achievement is unparalleled as no other company in the entire world has executed so many lift irrigation schemes powered by gigantic pumping systems in less than five years. Not long ago the yardstick to measure the capacity of pumps and motors in lift irrigation schemes were in terms of horsepower (HP). However, with the growing needs and advent of new technologies, the capacity of pumps and motors had reached to megawatts. While low capacity (HP) pumps and motors have made many lift irrigation projects impractical and redundant, Megha has stepped in with the state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions in the field of lift irrigation to make them viable and meaningful. MEIL is the only company which has successfully executed five major lift irrigation projects in two Telugu states since 2012 and set a record for its achievement. Now, with the commencement of pumping water to Yeleru reservoir under phase two of Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Project, MEIL has surpassed its own record. Installing 186 high power pumps and motors with a combined capacity of 731 megawatts capacity in as many as 17 pumping stations under five major lift irrigation schemes is no mean achievement by any standards. And MEIL has accomplished it with aplomb.Until recently, Mubarak pumping station in Egypt was considered as the biggest lift irrigation scheme in the world. It was built with a 228-megawatt capacity. With the commissioning of a major lift irrigation pumping station on Handri-Neeva in Andhra Pradesh, MEIL has emerged as the largest company in the world for having commissioned massive lift irrigation projects in AP and Telangana with a combined capacity of 731 megawatts. The capacity is much higher when compared to other lift irrigation projects MEIL has executed across other states in the country. At present, under phase two of Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Project, water is being pumped into Yeleru with eight pumps of 4.8 megawatts capacity each. The water has to be lifted to a height of 68 meters before being pumped. Under Handri-Neeva stage-1, 128 pumps have been installed in 12 pumping stations with a total capacity of 458.83 megawatts: a record by itself. Under Muchumarri LI scheme, 13 pumps of 48.1 megawatts capacity have been set up. Likewise, Megha has completed Pattiseema, Bhakta Ramadasu. Phase 1 of Purushothapatnam has been successfully commissioned and maintained by Megha. Pattiseema lift irrigation project which has 24 pumps of a total 113 megawatts capacity was already up and functional since two years. Under phase 1 of Purushothapatnam LIP, 10 pumps with 5.22 megawatts capacity each have been set up. Bhakta Ramadasu lift irrigation project in Telangana was built with two pumps with a total of 21 megawatts capacity. The unique feature in the entire lift irrigation schemes being undertaken by MEIL is linking of rivers. Megha has achieved a distinction for linking of river Krishna with Penna, Krishna with Godavari and Godavari with Yeleru. Similarly, having completed Narmada-KshipraSimhastha lift irrigation scheme, MEIL is being acclaimed to be the first company to achieve inter-state linking of rivers in the country. Read more

Kaleswaram Critical Electro-Mechanical equipment arrives through Air Cargo

MEIL made logistics arrangements to move the equipment to project site from various ports The mega Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) is all set to witness another momentous event. Key Electro-Mechanical equipment required for assembling pumps and motors of the massive pump house (under link 1 of the project works) are expected to reach project site in a couple of days. Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd., (MEIL) has made all the arrangements to move the equipment to project site from various sea and air ports. MEIL has been importing all the vital electro-mechanical equipment needed for erecting pump house of the prestigious Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation project. Consignments of equipment had already arrived from different countries at various sea ports and airports of the country. While some of them are still on transit. As MEIL is racing against time in completing the crucial pump house works, some key electro-mechanical components are being air lifted notwithstanding the prohibitive costs it involved. The equipment, shipped from various destinations in Europe, had already landed at Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai airports and also sea ports of Chennai and Mumbai. MEIL has been working to obtain necessary clearances from department of customs and port authorities to facilitate the transportation of equipment from ports. In a couple of days or two, electro-mechanical components of pump house will reach the project site. MEIL has made all the logistic arrangements like keeping ready heavy duty vehicles to transport the equipment from different ports to pump house site of Kaleswaram. Various key components of KLIS pump house, such as impeller, shafts, bearings, shaft seal, pump cover, motors and other electro-mechanical parts had already arrived at project site. Some more equipment is scheduled to reach before end of this month. Normally it takes not less than a month’s time for the equipment shipped from Hamburg port in Germany to reach an Indian port. However, as the time plays a crucial role in the execution of the pump house works, MEIL has decided to airlift part of that equipment to save on time. Rest of the equipment shipped from Austria, Hamburg, Italian ports will reach Indian shores by July 7. Impeller: It is considered to be the most vital part of a pump set. One set of impeller has already arrived at project site while the other one has reached Chennai port. Shaft Seal: Four units of shaft seals shipped from Hamburg port in Germany, 30 days ago, have finally reached Chennai port. 10 more shaft seal sets are expected to arrive at Chennai port by July 7. Clearances from Dept. of Customs regarding Impeller, Pump Cover and Shaft Seal will be obtained by Monday next. After that, in two days time, i.e. precisely by Wednesday they will reach the project site so as to facilitate the commencement of pump assembly works. Pump Shaft and Bearings: Two units of pump shaft and bearings have already touched down at Hyderabad airport. They will be moved to project site by next Saturday after obtaining clearances from Dept. of Customs. Two more units will be arriving at Mumbai airport by Singapore Airlines by 27 June. Pump Cover: It has already reached Chennai port and will be transported to project site by next Monday after completing Customs formalities. Motors: Motor sets of two units have arrived at the project site. Two more units, being transported from Mumbai port, are on its way to project site. Motors of another four units will arrive at Mumbai port by 28 June. They will be brought to project site with the help of eight pullers and four heavy duty trucks. Read more

Kaleshwaram package 8 pumping station : An engineering marvel

This is a story of world’s largest irrigation pumping station built deep inside the earth’s surface. From 330 metres below the ground level at Laxmipur village in Karimnagar, an engineering marvel is taking shape and giving hope to farmers in several districts of getting water for irrigation. It is only apt to call it a world wonder as lift irrigation schemes on such massive scale exists nowhere in the world. Generally, pump houses for lift irrigation projects are built at ground level near river banks to pump water to higher elevation. However, Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) is unique in its respect. The depth of this super structure is about one third of a kilometer below the ground. A structure of such massive size is a first of its kind in the world. The pump house has been built to pump 3 TMC of water per day. The Ramadugu pumping station, one of the four stages of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS), considered being unique and the biggest in the world will have seven pumps each with 139 MW capacities. The discharge capacity of this single electric pump is so huge that it can fill the Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad city in just a couple of days. If switched on at the same time, the seven pumps together can discharge 21,000 cusecs of water. A rare engineering feat, made possible only by MEIL. The size of the underground work in Package 8 of the Kaleshwaram project is simply mindboggling. Going around the pump house, nestled 330 meters underneath the ground, reminds one of visiting a huge shopping mall with multiple floors. Massive underground caverns have been excavated to construct the pump house and surge pools to lift incoming water from underground. Pumps and motors are being erected to lift water from there. This forms a very crucial part under KLIS and is popularly known as Package 8. Scientifically and technologically it has been found necessary to build an underground pumping station here which is considered a man made engineering wonder. 21.6 lakh cubic meters of soil has been excavated from a depth of 130 meters beneath the surface of earth to build a power house by using 4.75 lakh cubic meters of concrete. While only a few of such massive engineering creations are found around the world, a gigantic pumping station like this is considered a first of its kind in the world. Each pump in the pumping station can discharge 89.14 Cumecs of water and all the seven pumps together will lift 624 Cumecs of water. Each floor in the pump house is being built by using 87,995 square feet of concrete. While each floor in 5 units under phase one are built to an extent of 57,049 square feet, each floor in 2 units under phase two will have 30,946 square feet space. The four floor pump house will be built essentially to house Transformer Bays, Control Rooms, Battery Room, Motor Room, LT Panels, Pump Floor and Compressors. With the active cooperation of BHEL, MEIL has taken up this challenging mission and moving ahead. Of the total work, BHEL is supplying motors, pumps, mechanical equipment, and accessories for erection of pump house. However, the crucial part of procuring that equipment from various parts and transporting them to the project site, commencing assembling and erection operation is a job fraught with many technical challenges. MEIL, banking on 25 years of its rich technical expertise in electro mechanical works, has been executing this part by overcoming several adversities. Critical aspects of the pump house are like erection of pumps, motors and building of tunnels and surge pools. All these works have been executed with utmost care and commitment. The huge cavern it has built under this package found nowhere else in the world. With 140 meters depth, 25 meters width and 65 meters in height, the cavern is such a huge structure which houses a surge pool and additional surge pool. The Pump House is another super structure unheard of in the history of lift irrigation schemes across the world. Pump House Service Bay is located at +221 meters below the ground while pump bay is at +190.5 meters, transformer bay at +215 meters, control room at +209 meters beneath the earth’s surface respectively. Totally 7 pumps and motors are to be installed under package 8. While 5 units will be set up under phase 1, 2 units will be built under Phase 2 of the project. Out of these 5 and 4 units are up and gone through primary trial run. Works on 1 and 2 units under phase 1 are going on at brisk pace and expected completion by the end of June 2018 while work on unit 3 is under progress. The pump house consists of two tunnels built side by side. These are called left and right tunnels. Each tunnel measuring 10.5 mts dia and 4,133 meters length has been carved out and the lining work was completed. Electro-mechanical works in this pump house are considered to be very crucial. Each motor requires 139 MW of power to run. To ensure this, power supply and transformer systems were put in place. A 160 MVA capacity pump transformer along with compressor units for the 5th unit have been set up successfully. What is most amazing about project is the surge pool in the pump house. The ‘surge pool’ is sweeping everyone off their feet. Water gathered in the surge pool goes to the pump. Water discharged by the draft tube enters and goes up through the pump. To ensure uninterrupted pumping there should be large pool of water available in huge quantity. Three surge pools have been built to store enough water. The main surge pool measures 200x20x67.8 meters. Additional surge pool measures 60x20x69.5 meters. Likewise transformer bay has been built beneath them. While the pump house is located 140 meters below the ground, erection of turbine pumps at a depth of 138 meters underground are unique features of the project. Each pump motor weighs around 2,376 metric tonnes that leaves to your imagination to think how massive each pump unit was. MEIL is executing such complex and high-end electro-mechanical works on war footing with an objective to deliver water to the farm lands in time. Engineering teams and other skilled work force are working round the clock with maximum load equipment to achieve the desired high quality output. * – The pump house consists of the highest pumping head of 117 meters. It delivers an incredible 2 TMC of water per day. – The pump house consists of pumps with the highest capacity in the world, 89.14 cumecs each – The project team faced a lot of challenges during the execution phase because of the magnitude of the project and the underlying complexities – The Bottom of the surge pool, which is under water, is at a depth of 185.52 meters. The total depth of the pump house alone is 137.5 meters. – The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation project (Package-8) is unique in this respect – The total tunnel length for this pump house is 14.9 KM below ground level, – located at 140 meters – This colossal pump house, which can be defined as the heart of package-8 of this project, is built in an area of 69615 Sq ft. (for each floor). – MEIL is in JV with BHEL to construct the pump houses for KLIP – MEIL has been executing such complex and – high-end electro-mechanical works on war footing with an objective to deliver water to the farmlands (through canals) by the target date – KLIP-Package 8 is an astounding man-made engineering marvel – Projects completed using modern technologies continue to dominate headlines across the globe. – However, only a handful of projects are recognized as engineering marvels – Engineering experts say only few firms in the world such as MEIL has such expertise to take up and execute the project. It is being built to answer many basic questions of engineering and modern technology to further develop technologies especially for pump houses, stations and other irrigation works. Generally lift irrigation schemes come up on ground level on the banks of a River or catchment areas to pump water to draw water. Read more