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Suicide rate is increasing around the world day by day. This may be due to depression,mental tensions and other factors. Now to bring the suicide rate down, facebook is joining hands with Samaritans, a charity trust.
Ajay Madhukar is a priest in the day light and turns as a thief in the nights. He is renowned priest who belongs to Pune, Maharashtra. He arranges local marriages and earned a very good name among the local people.
Eight vigilance officers raided the house of a businessman in Kerala on August 19. The officers seized gold and other things worth Rs 13 lakh. But twist is that the eight officials were not the vigilance officials but sophisticated thieves.
On August 1, ULFA militants abducted Kuldeep Moran, son of Tinsukia Zilla Parishad's vice president Ratnaswer. After 20 days, a video showing the victim surrounded by gunmen who were masked was leaked with a demand for 1 crore rupess as ransom for Moran's release.
Another "Honour Killing" came to light. A Pakistani mother was arrested on suspicion of burning her daughter who was 16 year old for marrying without any family consent. The incident shocked the country.
The superintendent of Delhi's children's home was arrested. He faced charges of rape mainly for sexually assaulting over 12 girls who were aged between 8 and 10 years. Reports said that he also shot videos of the act.His phone had been seized by the Police department and sent for the detailed examination.
According to the study of Ohio research team, more than half were already the past sexual offenders. Most of them had a critical criminal background.Over many years, the rape kits have been brought to light after the victims go through an advanced procedure in preserving any evidence.
New Delhi: Complaint filed against two Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan is recently dismissed by a Delhi Court. The case was filed against these bollywood actors for hurting the religious related sentiments by entering the temple set wearing shoes which was created for a shoot of a reality show 'Bigg Boss 9'.
ISIS might have proven its ability to wage complex attacks around the world in 2015. But in the heart of its "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria, the group suffered at least one important setback: losing a substantial portion of its oil-exports income, according to the Iraq Oil Report.
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