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One post in Facebook reasoned for sent to prison for six months in Myanmar. A woman in Myanmar has been jailed in the charged with making fun of the country's military in a Facebook post, a media report said.
Kashmir is witnessed increasing the women divorcing in the state. Kashmiri women are not at all accepting the domestic violence.They are ready for divorcing their husbands for their drug addictions is on the rise.
In a bizarre incident, a woman filed a case against her husband in Kanpur stating that he had asked her to have sexual relationship with his cousin to get his girlfriend in return.
First of its kind, four Islamic State fighters’ severed heads were publicly displayed in Afghanistan. Militiamen supported by the influential Afghanistan's parliament deputy speaker beheaded Islamic State (IS) fighters and publicly displayed their severed heads in attack on the dreaded jihadi group in Afghanistan on Sunday.
The Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested three Hyderabadies who are trying to join Islamic States at Nagpur airport. Following the arrest, the Maharashtra police handed them over to the Telangana ATS as the three suspects hail from Hyderabad.
A 12-year-old Texas boy was kept in jail for three days for joking to a classmate that he has a bomb in his backpack, the boy's cousin wrote in a Facebook post this week.
A young Pakistani has died with the cost of A selfie hear at Rawalpindi. A young man Jamshaid Khan, 22, was killed after being hit by a fast-moving train as he tried to take a selfie with it. Jamshaid Khan was an employee of the railways department, tried to take the photo on his phone while standing on the track in front of the train in Rawalpindi city.
Don’t click the likings in Facebook to the unknown person’s photos, comments and shares in mobile or computers. A Thai man faces up to 32 years in jail for 'liking' a Photo shopped image of the country's king on Facebook.
 A text mistake printed in visa like as ‘Working Women’ instead of ‘young women’ held Korean girls for 15 hours at Los Angeles the international Air port.
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