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Saturday, 07 November 2015 00:00

Chota Rajan: From black ticket seller to deadly don ... Featured

Long time ago, somewhere around 1979, some youths were selling film tickets in the black at Mumbai's Sahakar theatre. Suddenly, the police came and began thrashing the boys.

One of them, suddenly hit back. She snatched the police lathi and bashed them up. Two were injured in the incident. Suddenly, Mumbai sat up and took notice of the short stocky boy. His name was Rajendra Sadashiv Nikhalje.

He later joined gangster Rajan Nair, a dreaded don who came to Mumbai from Chennai. Rajan was then known as Bada Nair. Bada Nair had a tiff with his one time follower Kunju Ahmed. He formed a rival gang and eloped with Bada Nair's girl. Some days later, Kunju killed Bada Nair. The young boy Nikhalje then gave a call for Mumbai bandh.

The bandh was a big success and mafia dons began enquiring about the boy. He attacked Kunju several times. His daring and planning caught the eye of dreaded don Dawood Ibrahim. He wanted Nikhalje to be with him and Nikhalje soon became a trusted follower of Dawood. Because of his short stature, he began to be called Chota Rajan. This is how international gangster Chota Rajan was created.

Rajan then killed Kunju and became a close man for Dawood. However, he soon fell out with D Company and started his own company. He killed several Dawood's men and became a terror himself. 27 years ago, he fled India and eversince has been based in East Asian countries. This Big Man, who goes by the name Chota Rajan is now back to India after he was arrested at Bali.

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