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Saturday, 07 November 2015 00:00

Another woman fights for toilet and gets it

Another newly-wed girl left her husband as his house did not have a sanitary toilet. The woman, identified as Seema Patel (22) returned after a year and a half, that too only after the toilet was constructed.

Seema left her husband's house in Madhya Pradesh state's Shahpur while she was pregnant as her repeated pleas for a sanitary toilet in the house fell on deaf ears. This became a big news and she got support in the social media. Now, her in laws finally realised the importance of the toilet and got one constructed for her. Now, she returned with her 19 month old baby. When she returned, there was a warm welcome for her. Recognising Seema's efforts, Betul District Collector said that she will be enlisted as the 'Swacchhata Doot' (messenger of cleanliness) in view of the courage shown by her in ensuring her right to sanitation facilities.

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