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Monday, 30 November 2015 00:00

Muslim family forced​ to leave movie theater for disrespecting national anthem

A video of a Muslim family being kicked out of a movie theatre for disrespecting national anthem is going viral on social media in Mumbai.This two-minute video was shot by the audience at a theatre where national anthem was played after the movie. While everyone stood up for the national anthem, a Muslim family didn't stand up.

Irated by this, the angry mob surrounded and argued with the family as to why they didn't stand up for the national anthem when they can sit for four hours to watch the movie.The family, however, defended themselves giving lame excuses. Later, after a heated argument, the mob finally won when the family walked out of the theatre and and the audience celebrated with a round of applause.This video which was posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp was liked and shared over 2,500 times.

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