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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 00:00

Controversial theory Behind the rise of ISIS

  The bloodthirsty ISIS is the most wealthiest terror group in the world. No terrorist outfit is as well funded as ISIS. The notorious militant organisation was born in Middle East's Iraq and in no time it expanded its programmes throughout the world. Not only arab nations's but also westren extremists are attracted to ISIS and leading the executions.

There is always a million dollar question, how a terror group like ISIS far from the western, could manage to get the attention? And what are the reason to it's rise?

  Thomas Piketty a French economist, has an answer to ISIS surge and some say his theory is the most controversial. He told a French newspaper Le Monde, the inequality is the main source to rise the ISIS and the regional political, social structures helped it to gain tremendous power. He further writes, few Arab nations with low population are controlling the oil wealth and the local politica, social systems have been made fragile. On other hand there is so much poor nations which are no comparable to wealth states. Most of the Middle East population remained poor and in semi slavery condition. These economic situations, Picketty says, have become justifications for jihadis and along with series of aggression's, wars by western powers. 

  His observations start with the Gulf War, in which allied nations handover oil to the emirs. He noted that lack of economic support and implications of wars advantaged only few of the region and it is the reason for terrorism birth. Piketty argues inequality is the root of militancy.

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