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Thursday, 31 December 2015 00:00

Breastfeeding to child reason died in hands of ISIS

The Islamic State terror group (ISIS) known for its brutality and mercilessness were at it yet again. This time a mother despite being covered with burqa and veil was killed by the ISIS women police for breastfeeding her baby in public in Raqqa, Syria.

 According to international news reports, the woman had covered herself and was breastfeeding her baby under her burqah, however the Al-Khansaa brigade of the terror group clad in black from head to toe, armed with automatic weapons snatched the baby away from her and then cruelly killed the mother after mutilating her, citing reasons of immorality and obscenity and said she ‘violated public decency’.The al-Khansaa Brigade is an all-women militia set up by ISIS just over a year ago and functions as the terror group's 'moral police' in its self-proclaimed 'capital' Raqqa.

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