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Saturday, 11 June 2016 00:00

Serial rapists are common in USA : Ohio study Featured

According to the study of Ohio research team, more than half were already the past  sexual offenders. Most of them had a critical criminal background.Over many years, the rape kits have been brought to light after the victims go through an advanced procedure in preserving any evidence.

Rape kits not only bring justice to the victims but also serve as the information on how serial rapists actually operate.

 The research was done on 5,000 backlogged rape kits which were stored from 1993. The study revealed that serial rapists are more common than the estimations made by the team. Most of the serial rapists target the strangers.The serial rapists sexually assault in the vehicles and some others resort to this activity in their house or in the victim's house. Most of the serial rapists have criminal background. The Cuyahoga Country Sexual Assault kit Task Force is working on collecting the rape kits.

The researchers explained that this study would change the pattern of investigation of sexual assaults in the coming future. After examining 243 sexual assaults,they came to a conclusion that more than 51 percent were done by the serial rapists who had violent criminal history when compared with one-time offenders. When all the serial rapists are taken into consideration, 74 percent had one prior felony arrest and 95 percent had one felony arrest later.

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