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Saturday, 11 June 2016 00:00

Delhi children's home officer arrested: Charges of rape Featured

The superintendent of Delhi's children's home was arrested. He faced charges of rape mainly for sexually assaulting over 12 girls who were aged between 8 and 10 years. Reports said that he also shot videos of the act.His phone had been seized by the Police department and sent for the detailed examination.

The caretaker of the home said that girls were shaking when they narrated the incident to her on 2nd June. "The superintendent, Meena took the girls to a seperate room. He fiddled them with their underclothes pretending for a checkup. He touched them inappropriately.He assaulted all the 12 girls in the same way". The caretaker had had left the children under the supervision of the welfare officer and superintendent, Meena. After that, Meena told that he would look after the girls and she should supervise the boys.

 He took the girls to a TV room and asked them to stay till the caretaker returned. After sometime, he asked one of the girls watching TV into the room with him. "He took the girl and locked the room. He started touching her and sexually abused the girl". She added, "He repeats the same to another girl. The girls after abuse,faced severe infection. I knew the matter after returning."   Meena is a gazetted officer and was enrolled as the welfare officer in 1998 by the Delhi government. He was promoted to superintendent recently. He was taken into custody by the Police department on Tuesday night.

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