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Saturday, 11 June 2016 00:00

Honour Killing: Pakistani mother burnt her daughter to death Featured

Another "Honour Killing" came to light. A Pakistani mother was arrested on suspicion of burning her daughter who was 16 year old for marrying without any family consent. The incident shocked the country.

 Perveen Bibi (mother), tied Zeenat (daughter) to a bed and doused her daughter with fuel. And then set fire to her, the Police said.The role of the family members was inhuman.They stopped all the neighbours nearby, from entering the house after hearing Zeenat's screamings for help. Nighat Bibi, one of the neighbours said this to Police.After burning her daughter to death, Perveen ran into the street and shouted loudly that she had killed her daughter for dishonouring their family. The police after knowing about the incident arrived and found the burnt body in the house.

 Zeenat maaried Hasan Khan recently. He is an ethnic Pashtun. Zeenat was a Punjabi. This might be the main objection by the women's family (According to Police reports). Khan told reporters that they had been in love since their schooling. " After four days of their marriage, her family promised that they would arrange big wedding party after 8 days. Zeenat refused initially to go back to her home. When one of her uncles assured her safety,she returned home. After two days, she called me and said that their family lied them and asked me to come early. I convinced her to wait for eight days.

Suddenly, she was killed by her own family members", he added.   Every year, hundreds of women are killed in Pakistan by their own family members for crossing the limitations of country's conservative norms regarding marriage and love in particular.

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