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Friday, 02 September 2016 00:00

Priest in day time and Thief in the nights Featured

Ajay Madhukar is a priest in the day light and turns as a thief in the nights. He is renowned priest who belongs to Pune, Maharashtra. He arranges local marriages and earned a very good name among the local people.

Ajay worked as a care taker near Buddha Vihar. He got acquainted with Iqbal Shaik and Madhan Viran Swamy who had more than 25 police cases in the local police station, adds Senior Police Inspector Sushma Chawan. Ajay Madhukar worked as a priest and went to rob with his friends in the nights. As he was a priest, no one doubted him for 4-5 years. Recently, Police arrested him as he was involved in 25 robberies.From one year, Ajay stopped robbery and started working with a real state business person on commission basis.

The Police arrested Shaik for involving in a robbery case. Upon the investigation, Shaik revealed Ajay's name and story continued Ajay to jail.This incident shocked everyone as Ajay, earned a good name among the locals with spiritual teachings.

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