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Losing of oil exports income may reduce ISIS functioning in 2016

ISIS might have proven its ability to wage complex attacks around the world in 2015. But in the heart of its "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria, the group suffered at least one important setback: losing a substantial portion of its oil-exports income, according to the Iraq Oil Report. Read more

Breastfeeding to child reason died in hands of ISIS

The Islamic State terror group (ISIS) known for its brutality and mercilessness were at it yet again. This time a mother despite being covered with burqa and veil was killed by the ISIS women police for breastfeeding her baby in public in Raqqa, Syria. Read more

Loyal militia force displayed four IS terrorists severed heads in Afghanistan

First of its kind, four Islamic State fighters’ severed heads were publicly displayed in Afghanistan. Militiamen supported by the influential Afghanistan's parliament deputy speaker beheaded Islamic State (IS) fighters and publicly displayed their severed heads in attack on the dreaded jihadi group in Afghanistan on Sunday. Read more

Comments of the year 2015

2015 year has witnessed more popular comments from different people from different fields, of them some of the comments gets appreciations across the world and vice versa some of the comments from celebrities became controversy of the year such as given follows: Read more