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Use 2 facebook accounts on one android phone with this technique !

Many users want to use two facebook accounts on android phone simultaneoulsy. FB is offering two types of apps for this. By installing these apps, you can access the accounts at the same time. First install the official fb app from google play store. Read more

Facebook is going to bring suicides rate down!

Suicide rate is increasing around the world day by day. This may be due to depression,mental tensions and other factors. Now to bring the suicide rate down, facebook is joining hands with Samaritans, a charity trust. Read more

Stop whatsapp from sharing your number with facebook

Facebook acquired whatsapp with a whooping amount. Now, whatsapp is comprimising it's users privacy by sharing it's users phone numbers with facebook. Both the joint companies formulated a new policy regarding this activity. Read more

This man is making crores with facebook and twitter accounts

We waste a lot of time on social media sites like Facebook and twitter everyday. But, Chris is exception to this. He is making crores of rupees with the help of social media. He opened pages on leading social media sites and started posting interesting stuff in those pages. Read more