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India developed it's own operating system

China is trying hard to develop it's own operating system but India developed it's own OS.China may feel jealous of this. Because it is trying hard to develop it's own operating system from 15 years. India developed it's own OS 2 years back. Read more

Pakistan - China Relations are getting stronger

Pakistan and China International relations are getting stronger. Modi's comments regarding Balochistan created heat among India and Pakistan countries. Now , Pakistan is getting closer to China. China wants to build financial corridor in Balochistan area. Read more

Alexander and Aristotle on India

Alexander was the greatest ruler in the past. He once invaded India. He faced tough fight from Indian ruler Porus. According to the latest information by historians, Alexander consulted his master Aristotle before invading India. Read more

20 Offbeat Himalayan Treks

It generally feels awesome to be on the highest point of the world and look down the flawless perspectives of the valley. The tallness and excellence of the superb mountains give brave trekking spots in the Himalayas. Read more