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Puri Jagannath is known for his punch dialogues and different making. Irrespective of the result, his movie create buzz in the industry. His titles and casting bring much hype to the movie. All thought that Puri would join hands with Mahesh Babu for Janaganamana after Kalyan ram's ISM movie.
Baahubali-The conclusion is in the news once again.All the buyers are happy with the first part. Baahubali first part created new records at the box office. The craze for the second part is at peaks now.
Power Star Pawan Kalyan's new movie is going to be started in the next few days. Dolly, who directed Gopala Gopala, Tadakha.. is directing this movie. Initially, SJ Surya was the director announced for this movie.
Krishna Vamshi earned a good name as a creative director. His films remained as classics, even after failing at the box office. Sindhuram is the best example for that. He did only 20 movies in his 20 years movie career, if we take his next project Nakshatram into consideration.
All of us might have watched Baahubali more than five times. But Sunny Leone watched Baahubali after one year of it's release. "Baahubali: The Beginning" was released on 10th July last year.Sunny reacted on this on twitter recently.
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