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Suvarna Sundari is a classic of Telugu and Indian Cinema. But we are not talking about restoration of that old classic but a new one is being made with Sakshi Choudary, Poorna and Jayapradha as leads. Surya MSN directed the film. He said, "The movie took us an year to complete. Budget is huge for a small film but we believe in the screenplay and content it has to offer. We will release the film soon and the output came out really well. These days screenplay based films have been doing well and we are basing our movie success too on that aspect." Producer concurred with what director said and announced that the movie will release on 31st May in…
Dilip Kumar Salvadi played the hero and directed the new film Diksoochi. The film is tipped to be a devotional drama that has Chandini as the leading lady. Chatrapathi Sekhar played an important role in the film. The film released yesterday and check out the review of the film here. Story: Dileep (Dileep) is a press reporter. He falls for Chandini in first sight. One day, he gets a phone call to deliver two unknown parcels and the person on the other side also threatens that he will kill Dileep's parents. Dileep gets worried and does the job but only realizes that he delivered the parcels of his parents. Now, Dileep is in search of the stranger. Who is he?…
Kollywood star hero Surya has a very good market in Telugu. His recent 24 movie did well at the box office. Now, the stylish hero is busy with Singham 3. This is the third one in the Surya- Hari combo.
Generally, movie making is really a time consuming one. In Tollywood, the movie making is taking more than 2 years. Sometimes, it is crossing 2 years also. But the movie which you are going to see now is scheduled to be released after 100 years.
All the mega fans are eagerly waiting for Mega Star's 150th movie. Chiru's remakes are much better than their original movies. Shankar Dada MBBS, Tagore are the perfect examples for that.
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