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Thursday, 19 November 2020 00:00

Gatham, a regional language film that has beautifully translated to audiences nationally

Gatham is a Telugu dark psychological thriller that has set a benchmark for films of that genre. Premiered exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on November 6 has made it big by adding the thrill that was missing in movies of that genre. The regional language film is a work of first-timers who are IT Professionals and students in the US. Their aim with this film was to make their audience experience this genre like never before. Capturing eerily beautiful landscapes of the US, the passionate team has managed to encapsulate the perfect storyline which has managed to keep viewers at the edge of their seat. Delivered in one language for the regional audience and distributed by Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries and territories all over the world has led the film to have a mass appeal. Successful in every aspect, Gatham marks the first Indie film of the year that has the audiences and critics going berserk over the craftsmanship and vision behind it. Directed by Kiran Reddy, the film stars Bhargava Poludasu, Rakesh Galebhe, Poojitha Kuraparthi and Laxmi Bharadwaj. Jointly produced by Offbeat Films and S Originals in association with Mango Mass Media. If you haven't witnessed 'Gatham' yet, log on to Amazon Prime Video NOW!
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