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Friday, 18 December 2015 00:00

Unemployed youth questioned where is PK?

If you want to post ... is going to come Babu, even after TDP Chief Chandra Babu Naidu became Chief Minister Jobs had not hit us yet, alleged by state unemployed youth. They also blamed the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan, who supported the TDP-BJP alliance in election campaigns.

 But even after elections Pawan Kalyan too do not even look the issue. He announced that he would guarantee the implementation of the assurances given by Babu did not speak to why now? The unemployed would be questioned. News unemployed, full of bogus sunk warranties, came to power. It is not to take over the age of notification can be measured. Kavastunna two years after the general election, the government took a job placement nocukoledantu.

 Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday, the unemployed, the unemployment rate in the state at the Office of the United Nations Platform under the APPSC Nampally seeking to fill the vacant jobs have been bhiksatana displaying the innovative plastic plate. AP baithayinci exposed government's stance on the road. Velladiste a period of five years without notification to the unemployed would have committed suicide. Chalo Assembly held on Thursday, seeking to fill the gaps in the unemployment program, said community leader lagudu Govindarao.

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