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Friday, 03 June 2016 00:00

Hollywood Hero Pant Became Wet

Arnold went on vacation to have fun with his friends in the woods of Africa . There was a horrifying experience for  the team. An elephant made an attack on them but they escaped.

Surpisingly these scenes were recorded as video by the team.Arnold and his friends when they were going away on the road in safari jeep, suddenly big elephant came towards them. So they stopped the vehicle. Elephant approached them and looked at the people holding the breath.

After a few seconds, the elephant turned back to the side of the road. However, around the back side again from the back of the jeep, elephant came close to them. Suddenly the driver increased the speed of the jeep. Surprisingly, the elephant started running towards the jeep direction.

 Arnold team, however, increased the speed of the jeep and escaped from elephant. Arnold said that "It would be nice if this situation  becomes movie. I was really afraid of the animal. It was  a very strong elephant .Some of us changed pant ". Arnold may also exist among them who changed pant.

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