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Friday, 29 July 2016 00:00

Kamal Hassan on Kabali movie Featured

Super Star Rajinikanth's latest movie Kabali is shaking the box office. Irrespective of the mixed reviews all over, Kabali is shattering all the records set by Baahubali and Sultan.All know that Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth are good friends.

They share their movie inputs and criticize their movies openly. Rajinikanth used to show his every movie to Kamal even before the release. This sentiment missed in the case of Kabali movie. Kamal, when asked by the media said that he had not watched Kabali.

   All know that Kamal met with an accident.He fell from the stair case and had severe leg fractures. Now he is on the bed rest. Universal actor Kamal said that he would watch the movie as soon as possible. He is taking bed rest from a month. He is recovering well.He is happy with one month leave he got after many years. Kamal is directing his movie sabash naidu at present. He is making this movie in three languages simultaneously.He placed movie shooting on suspension till his recovery.  Shruthi Hassan is playing a key role in this movie.

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