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Wednesday, 21 September 2016 00:00

This movie is going to be released after 100 years: The movie you will never see!! Featured

Generally, movie making is really a time consuming one. In Tollywood, the movie making is taking more than 2 years. Sometimes, it is crossing 2 years also. But the movie which you are going to see now is scheduled to be released after 100 years.

 "100 Years" which was directed by John Malkovich is going to be released in November  2115. The movie tag line is "The movie you will never see". The tag line absolutely suits the movie because there will be hardly no one from this generation to watch this movie.  Louis XIII Cognac, a liquor company is producing the movie. The movie reels will be locked in a bullet proof lockers and that lockers would open automatically on November 18- 2115 .

All the popular celebrities around the world would be invited for the premier show. The movie trailer was released in the last year.The technology is advancing day by day. The movie screening may be replaced with a new technique. Another important question is regarding the audience expectations. Will this movie impress the audience after 100 years is a tough question to answer?

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