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Saturday, 27 April 2019 00:00

Diksoochi Review Featured

Dilip Kumar Salvadi played the hero and directed the new film Diksoochi. The film is tipped to be a devotional drama that has Chandini as the leading lady. Chatrapathi Sekhar played an important role in the film. The film released yesterday and check out the review of the film here. Story: Dileep (Dileep) is a press reporter. He falls for Chandini in first sight. One day, he gets a phone call to deliver two unknown parcels and the person on the other side also threatens that he will kill Dileep's parents. Dileep gets worried and does the job but only realizes that he delivered the parcels of his parents. Now, Dileep is in search of the stranger. Who is he? What is his intention? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie. Performances: The major plus point in the film is the performances from Dileep and Sekhar. The lead actor Dileep played his part well, especially in the emotional scenes. Sekhar who is already experienced played this role with a lot of ease. He got the skin of the character well and impressed with his portrayal. The heroine Chandini is good in her role. Bithiri Sathi, child artist Dhanvi and others are good too. The rest of the cast made their presence felt. Technical Aspects: Dileep who is the hero and director of the film did well in both the jobs. As a director, he showed his talent in telling a story in an interesting way. He is successful in getting the right work from all the technicians. The cinematography by Jaya Krishna is impressive. The music and background score is decent. The editing is okay and the production values are grand. Verdict: The first half is a huge plus point for the movie. The director must be appreciated for directly going into the story without wasting much time with the intro sequences. The director is also successful in creating suspense for the audiences. The less runtime is another big advantage too. When compared to the first half, the second half is a slight disappointment. The second half fails in narrating the story in an engaging manner. The screenplay falls flat too. The suspense that was revealed towards the end seems logic-less. Not everyone might get connected to this film. Rating:3/5
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