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Friday, 03 May 2019 00:00

Nuvvu Thopu Raa Movie Review!! Featured

Star Cast: Sudhakar Komakula, Nirosha, Nithya Shetty, Gemini Suresh, Cindy Perez, Written by Ajju Mahakali Music by Suresh Bobbili Cinematography by Venkat Dilip, and Prakash Velayudhan Editing by S B Uddhav Directed by Harinath Babu B Story:: A rough and tough boy, Saroornagar Suri (Sudhakar) turns out to be a sweet person at heart when he falls in love with Ramya (Nitya Shetty). But his reclusiveness to change himself and disregard towards her love and his mother (Nirosha) causes for a break-up between them. He goes to USA as an artist but gets into a drug cartel war due to his over smartness and plans to be ruthless to ripe off mob. Will he survive it? If he does so, how? Performances:: Sudhakar Komakula made an effort to look like the character and behave like it too. He did not let the influences of other actors fall on his performance. Occasionally, he did seem confused and that could be director's fault too. In any case, he did put in his Ernest efforts to make the film his own. While he still needs better films this could be a decent start. Nithya Shetty is beautiful and has charisma. Actors from USA did not have experience in acting and that is visible. All others did try their best to work with the material they are given. Technicalities:: Editor SB Uddav tried his best to give a streamlined storyline to the proceedings. Some scenes and cuts appear random but he delivers well in important sequences. Cinematographers tried their best to give the film that urgency and sense of something important happening at every moment. They tried their best within the sources. We can give them points for intent. Music by Suresh Bobbili is a value addition to the film within its limits. The tracks used by the composer are really good. But he missed the point in some scenes while he nailed it in some. Direction by Harinath is inconsistent at best. While handled some of the best sequences decently, he failed in handling comedy at many instances. We do feel a disconnect in the starting episodes and that could have been worked on by the director better. He did better in USA episodes and salvaged the film from being a train wreck to a watchable one with his sincere efforts. Analysis:: Movie has some positive elements that come out well in terms of writing but the acting and presentation could have been better. We can see that everyone in the team believed in the story and sincerely wanted to make an effort to tell the story in best possible way with resources available. Still, the problems do glare on our face during first hour but second hour redeems the film to make it better and watchable. Rating: 3/5
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