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Pawan Kalyan to write his new book "Nenu Manam Janam"

Actor- politician Power Star Pawan Kalyan is very busy in penning his new book titled Nenu Manam Janam, which depicts the ideology of his Jana Sena Party. The present book has a tag line battle for a change. Read more

National media shocking comments on Pawan Kalyan's life style

Power Star Pawan Kalyan said that he had no bank balance in the recent meeting at Kakinada.He told the same thing in many of his earlier meetings. Pawan Kalyan is taking 20 crores remuneration for a film. Read more

Allu Sirish reveals Pawan Kalyan's glamour secrets

Power Star Pawan Kalyan needs no introduction. He earned huge mass following in a small span of time. His real life is very simple. He is first in charity. He is in the news very often for helping the needy people. Read more

Pawan Kalyan Kakinada Public meeting

Special status is the burning topic in Andhra Pradesh state. Pawan Kalyan's entry made the issue more important. Pawan's Tirupati meeting shocked every one as he spoke against TDP and BJP leaders in particular. Read more