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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 00:00

Improve your memory power with these tasty juices Featured

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There are many juices available in the super market. But some chemicals and preservatives are definitely used in those juices to bring taste and flavor. Your health is at risk with these juices. There are some juices which you can prepare at your home.

Some fruit juices enhance your memory power and increase the concentration levels. Let's have a look on those juices in detail...

1. Green tea will enhance your concentration levels.

2. Protein present in the Almond milk shake improves the working of the brain and improves the memory power.

3. Caffeine increases your memory power and thinking capacity.

4. Tomato juice protects you from alzheimer's disease. It cures other brain related problems.

5. Make a tea with Cinnamon (Dalchina chekka) and Turmeric powder to protect yourself from alzeimer's.

6. Flavonoids present in the dark chocolate increases the blood circulation to the brain and increases the    thinking capacity.

7. Beetroot juice increases the blood circulation to the brain and increases the memory power.

8. Pomegranate juice contains many oxidants which increases the activity of the brain.

9. Apple juice is another option to increase your memory power. This is very beneficial to all the aged persons.

10. Flavonoids in Orange juice increases your concentration levels and memory power.

11. Coconut water  increases the blood circulation to the brain and increase the functioning of the brain.

12. Aloe vera juice contains vitamin B6 which increases the memory power.

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