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Summers are here and the sun is on the head, temperature is soaring to unprecedented heights in India. The singing warmth makes everybody keep running for spread. India, a country well known to please all in some or the other way.
On Monday, as per a global survey, more than 18 million of the total population is under the category of slave as forced beggars, bonded laborers, child soldiers or the sex workers. The Global Slavery Index record says 1.4% of the population in India, marking it as the fourth largest contribution in the slavery among the 167 countries.
A lovely Russian family,which includes Svetlana and Yuriy panteleenko with her loving 23-year-old Stepan,who weighs over 21 stone and stands at 7ft tall, have wonderful memories to share with us.
Infertility is a condition defined as not being able to conceive after the continuous try of one year of sex done in a unprotected manner. Infertility can take on any of these four places:
Telangana senior IPS officer Akun Sabharwal has faced set back on criminal case filed against outlook Magzine.
University of Hyderabad Students have developed an app for save water scarcity in the Campus. A group of students have launched a website urging people to report water leakages in and around campus and have promised instant help.
2015 year has witnessed more popular comments from different people from different fields, of them some of the comments gets appreciations across the world and vice versa some of the comments from celebrities became controversy of the year such as given follows:
Jammu and Kashmir reeled under intense cold weather as minimum temperature dipped further across the state. The weather office has forecast dry weather for the next two to three days.
There is a dinner meal together can help the partners having more interest for participate in sex. If you want to spend some quality time in bedroom romance with your life partner, it’s better to you to take away your partner to the restaurant.
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