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A Surat based diamond trader, Mahesh Savani hosted a mass wedding in western Indian state of Gujarat. 151 young couples tied the knot at a mass wedding in the state. He has been paying for the weddings of fatherless women in the city of Surat for several years.
Sex workers from Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district donated one lakh rupees for Chennai flood affected people. They dipped into their savings and survived on just one meal a day to collect Rs 1 lakh that was donated by them towards relief work in rain-ravaged Chennai.
 Billionaire Manoj Bhargava has more money than he needs. So, he decided to spend it to solve the world's biggest problems, including energy.Bhargava who created the 5-hour Energy drink has a fortune of $4 billion worth.He found that it is better investing his money to address the severe problems prevailed in the world rather than donating to charities.
Chennai airport’s runway is finally dry, days after being flooded and nearly seeing aircraft drown. For days together, even as the officials were using 20 motors to pump out water from the runway, there was no impact as the water level was only increasing; their only objective at that time, they say, was to avoid flooding inside the terminals of the Chennai airport.
Going to a beauty parlour for beauty treatment may not be a longer demand. There, a new trend in this field is the rise of mobile beauty srvices at your doorstep. When mobile beauty comes to mind one can think dodgy perms and cheap make up products bought out of a car boot. However, some new companies specialising in contemporary and latest cosmetic treatments and they assure the best services to consumers.
Rainfall has been created havoc in Chennai city after lashed with flood water. These floods broke a 100-year-old record. The total rainfall in Chennai was 119.73 cm. It is breaking the 1918 record of 108.8 cm which had stood as the highest record,As per the Metereological Department office's there is no data between 1943-1951 owing to the World War II due to which Nungambakkam observatory was shutdown.
Tamil Film Industry proved its kind enough by sand behind the rain affected victims or Tamil Nadu. Rainfall and floods are being havoc the city by breakdown the 100 years of records.
Heavy rains have battered across the Tamil Nadu include the state capital Chennai and throwing normal life out of gear. Many low lying areas in Chennai have been water logged. The city's infrastructure has taken a heavy beating; many roads have caved in the city and authorities have issued a flood alert, asking people to move to a safer area.
Northumbria Police is supporting a national campaign launched today aimed at keeping people safe online this Christmas. Last year, individuals and businesses reported losing more than £16million to online fraudsters through online shopping and auction fraud over the festive period – a 42 per cent increase in total financial loss compared to 2013.
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