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Friday, 06 November 2015 00:00

Take Ginger tea and be happy

Ginger tea could be a solution to many of your health and beauty problems. A cup of ginger tea could give you loads of Vitamin C and important minerals like magnesium.

It has several medicinal properties.It relieves one of nausea and feeling of vomiting. Take it before boarding a bus, if you have travel sickness. It helps in preventing vomitting.Ginger is good for digestion. It helps increase the food absorption and speeds up digestion. It also increases hunger. Remember, old timers in Hyderabad use to consume Ginger Murabba every morning. Ginger also helps in fighting breathing problems and helps contain allergies. It also clears the respiratory tract and helps in clear breathing.Ginger is a home remedy for muscular and joint pains and pulling. Applying it on the joints can relieve one of joint pains.

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