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Friday, 06 November 2015 00:00

aircrafter now wants full time job

Dumb, deaf, jobless, he spent Rs 25 lakh to make aircraft He is deaf, dumb, jobless. But, he has enough talent to build a small aircraft of his own.What does he want? Just a full-time job.

Meet Saji thomas of Kerala, a Class VII dropout Thodupuzha in Idukki district. His passion has always been tinkering with motors, electrical gadgets. For years he had been working on building an aircraft. Everyone, including his wife did not believe him.His wife tried to discourage him, but his passion had won the day. She wanted him to repair electrical gadgets, but he went on to make an aircraft.

After years of derision, today his village has realised that this Class VII dropout has indeed made an aircraft. But, his route was not easy. He sought money from Rajiv Gandhi, but before anything can materialise, Rajiv died. Saji pooled up close to Rs 25 lakh to build the plane. After five years of work, he took the aircraft that he made to a private airline academy near Madurai. There both Saji and the instructor flew the 20-feet long aircraft successfully. Saji made a small plane fly and big dreams soar. But, even after this, Saji is still looking for a job.

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