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Saturday, 20 August 2016 00:00

All you need to know about Adiguppa Village

Many of us take wine and meat on sundays and festival days. We give much importance to mutton and chicken, when relatives visit our house. But, the people of Adiguppa village,Ananthapur district are not consuming even egg in their regular diet from many years.

None in the village has criminal background. Whole village unite like a family, in times of marraiges and other events. The people of this village will not go to distant places in search of work. Even if they do, they return till evening. The village has a government school till 5th class. In the mid day meal also, a banana is served to children in the place of egg. 

 The heads of the village, solve any legal issues. If any one is found crossing the village rules and regulations, he/ she will be boycotted from the village premises. There is a historic reason for this. Rajuladeva in the olden days, took a promise from the villagers that they should be away from eating egg, meat and wine. Many of the villagers has Raju in their names like Rajappa, Rajamma, Rajaiah, Raju etc as a sign of honor to the ancient king.

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