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Saturday, 20 August 2016 00:00

Son of a billionaire made to work at bakery

Savji Dholakia is a well known diamond merchant. He is the owner of Hare Krishna Diamond exports, Surat.At present, the company is worth Rs 6000 crores and is operating in 71 countries.

He was in the news for gifting flats and cars to his employees as a bonus. His son Dravya, pursuing MBA in the US came to India on a holiday. Savji sent him to an unfamiliar place and asked him to survive on odd jobs for one month. Dravya left the home accepting the challenge with Rs 7,000 in hand. Savji in an interview said that his son should know the essence of life. Dravya spent 5 days without any job, as no one offered him the right job. He was rejected by 60 people. At last, he got a job in a bakery.

Later he worked at a call centre, a shoe selling shop and in a McDonald's outlet. He earned Rs 4,000 through all the jobs. He learnt the value of rejection and money in this journey. Dravya might have learnt more than MBA in his one month journey.

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