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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 00:00

Clean your house in 10 minutes: The complete guide

One a holiday, you get a call that your friends or relatives are arriving in 10-15 minutes. The next thing comes to mind after this call is cleaning the house. Here are some of the tricks with which you can clean your house in 10-15 minutes.

 Take a bin or basket and throw all the laundry stuff,shoes, toys etc. Next thing to do is cleaning the bathroom and replacing the towels. Arrange a fresh soap in the bathroom. After that go to the dining table. Put out all the garbage and clean the dining table with a wet cloth. Be ready with the snacks and coffee or tea. Try to install a hook, so that your guests can hang their coats. Clean the mirrors with a spray. Next go to the Kitchen and check the availability of the ingredients. Start your preparation for a meal. Clean the dustbins. Spray mild scent around the hall. It creates positive atmosphere around you. These are few tips and tricks to clean your house in less time. Like this article, share it with your friends...

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