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Monday, 29 August 2016 00:00

Flying Taxis which can be operated with our mobile phones Featured

Technology is advancing day by day. Means of transportation is advancing with technology. Now the latest buzz is created with the entry of flying taxis. And these taxis can be operated with our smartphones.

Let's have a look on flying taxis...

1.Now we can see flying taxis along with drones and aeroplanes.

2.Airbus is working on launching Autonomous Flying Taxis very soon.

3.Air bus is working on creating flying taxis which work on artificial intelligence. They change according to the surroundings.

4.These taxis are primarily tested by shifting goods in them.

5.These taxis can be operated with our smartphones. A special technology is used for this.

6.Primary designs will be tested in the next year. Full fledged services will take another ten years.

7.Air taxis can create air traffic. These are provided with special devices which can identify air traffic.

8.These taxis will be running with batteries.

9.China already launched this type of vehicle in which one person can travel.

10.These taxis are going to give tough competition to driver less cars of Google, Uber, IBM etc


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