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Comments of the year 2015

2015 year has witnessed more popular comments from different people from different fields, of them some of the comments gets appreciations across the world and vice versa some of the comments from celebrities became controversy of the year such as given follows: Read more

NRI Marriage surprises than Bollywood Spectaculars with the budget of Rs. 55 crores

NRI wedding in Kerala surpassing even the most spectacular Bollywood sets with the cost of Rs.55 crore, unveiled at the Asramam ground in Kollam. Where NRI business magnate Ravi Pillai's daughter, Dr Arathi, marriage with Dr Adithya Vishnu of Kochi was held on Tuesday with a net worth of $2.8 billion, Ravi Pillai was ranked first among the richest Keralites in a survey conducted by TOI in June. Read more