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Ideas to Emulate from Pakistani Brides

As soon as the word comes, Pakistani Bride what strikes in mind is a young lady who is exceptionally intriguing, with olive skin and thick dark hair that is more often than not are extremely in vogue and a ladylike  wearing make-up brilliant garments and glossy adornments is the standard for these pretty young ladies. Read more

A lawyer wants Kohinoor back to Pakistan from UK

  A Pakistani lawyer wants his government to get the Kohinoor diamond from UK. He filed a pitition to bring back the precicious stone, now a part of the Crown Jewels, that India has been trying to get back from Britain for years. Read more

Indian Navy set to fire Barak-8 Missile

Indian Navy is set to test fire the long-range surface-to-air Barak 8 missile, jointly developed by India and Israel. The missile system aims to enhance the Navy's capabilities against incoming missiles, planes and drones. If the test is successful, it will pave the way for final installation of Barak 8 missile on board Indian warships. The missile had undergone a successful test in Israel last November. Read more

We'll kill journos: Talibans

The Taliban have threatened to kill any journalist who wrote against them. Pakistani Taliban commander Qari Saifulla Saif said he has several journalists in his hit list and said they would all be killed one by one. Read more