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Whatsapp offers video call

The news that whats app has finally got a voice calling feature that’s available to everyone has left us with just one question: when do we get video? Whats App might not do video yet but there are plenty of hints that it’s coming, and with Face book in the driving seat we’re sure it’s a matter of when, not if, the feature is coming. Here’s what we know about how to make Whats App video calls. Read more

Smart Phones will be no more after five years

Era of smartphones will be over within five years. The statement arouses the question like what will be ruled the mobile world in future? The answer is Artificial Intelligence. Yes it is true.  Ericsson has revealed its research reports that smart phones will go into history books by 2021 as superior technology such as Artificial Intelligence will replace the mobile technology. Read more

Can We Create an App in an One hour...?

  Yes, it is possible creating an app in an hour. Pulp Strategy a New Delhi based startup came out with Instappy and is offering its services to companies to create instant, affordable apps. In this smartphones sphere apps are playing crucial role for small to big scale businesses. Read more

Apple emerges as King of 4G mobiles

Apple mobiles have been sold out as hot cakes in Indian mobile market.  Apple 4G Mobile and Apple iPod occupies first two places in most sold products in respective category. This placed first in race by beat the top 15 brands in the same category. In India, 1.48 crore 4G mobile phones are being used by the customers. Read more