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Basic Must Have Tees for Women

Each lady is distinctive, so have there's a standard arrangement of tops and tees that make it simple for a dynamic, down to earth lady to look easily chic and modern in present day.The key with respect to each of the pieces on this rundown is that they all can be worn in different routes in numerous circumstances. Read more

Press digit ‘9’ in your mobile be distress

Central government initiated to save the women from any manner of trouble across the nation. central government has decided to set a ‘panic button’ on mobile phones, which will immediately send and SOS to closest police station. Read more

ISI using women spies to attract Indian men

According to Ferozepur Police station in Chandigarh, Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI is now using women spies to lure Indian men. The woman spies use Indian names to connect with the Indian men on social media. In the recent past, two such cases have come to light. Read more