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Russians wanted to opt Hindusim. They want to leave Communism. India will show their supremacy over the entire Asian continent. French Philosopher Micheal Nostradamus predicted these things,as discussed in various websites and other mediums.
Aghori Sadhus follow unusual practices to worship thier god. They practice Black magic from various unusual practices like eating the dead, meditating near Smashan etc . They carry a skull in their hand.
In our country, every temple has it's own history. The engineering skills were too good in the ancient times than today. Nishkalank Mahadev Temple, located in Bhavnagar, Gujarath has a unique property. Interesting thing is that , it is located in the middle of the sea.
The richest Hindu temple in the world, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam could soon come to the rescue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plan to recycle tonnes of idle gold and cut economy-hurting imports. The gold monetisation scheme, aimed at persuading individuals, institutions and rich temples to deposit some of their gold stash with banks to recycle, has only attracted about one kg in a month out of a total hoard of over 20,000 tonnes.
Lord Krishna's Dwaraka is no mere story! it is for real!!Beneath the swirling waters of sea lies a 36864 sq km city, complete with wide roads, avenue plantation, residential complexes and of course the royal palace.The city has pearl-embedded pillars, arches made of diamonds.