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Lord krishna Dwaraka In Gujarath Ocean Featured

Lord Krishna's Dwaraka is no mere story! it is for real!!Beneath the swirling waters of sea lies a 36864 sq km city, complete with wide roads, avenue plantation, residential complexes and of course the royal palace.The city has pearl-embedded pillars, arches made of diamonds.

This massive city lies deep within the sea off Dwaraka coast in Gujarat. And this is no fiction or a make-believe story. It's for real.Yes. the submerged Dwaraka city tells the story of a bygone era when India had incomparable architecture and great building style. The submerged city is Lord Krishna's city and is 6000 years old.The city tells us that Ramayana and Mahabharata are no mere cock and bull stories. They are historical facts and Dwaraka tells us that it is for real. Dwaraka, which our Puranas say, was built by heavenly artisan in chief Viswakarma, was first brought to light way back in 1980s. The scientists, who delved deep into the sea found the remnants of a sprawling city in the sea bed. It was a huge city under water.

 The excavations and studies by eminent archaeologist SR Rao dated the city to 3150 years BC. They revealed that this mega city is the mythic Dwaraka, that according to Bhagavatha sank into the sea. Studies say that Lord Krishna was borne 3222 BC on July 27 in Mathura. He was born in the confines of a prison but later grew so powerful as to slay demon king Kamsa and become a king. Later, to ward off attacks from Jarasandha, Lord moved west wards and shifted to Dwaraka, a city built on the banks of Gomathi river in Gojarat.

After Dwaraka went into the underbelly of Arabian sea, the people almost began to believe that Mahabharatha was a figment of imagination.But, what now comes is a magnificent city with great architectural beauty. The discoveries are stunning not just Indians but the whole world. The world is looking wide-eyed at this marine marvel.One can safely say that Dwaraka of yore was an advanced metro city built to a perfect plan at the meeting point of Gomathi and Arabian Sea. The city was built in an area of 36000 sq km area. It is said the city had over 9 lakh imposing buildings. All the wives and consorts of Lord Krishna, including the 16000 gopikas had their own homes. They were all made of gold and Dwaraka was a city of Gold. Apart from homes, there were equivalents of today's malls, public utilities and commercial zones. It was also a city of fragrant flowers and huge trees. Dwaraka was a city par excellence and would put the present day mega cities like New York, Washington, London, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo and Mumbai. What more, the city of Dwaraka had a hue port. It was  a port city. Dwaraka was also known as Dwaramathi, Dwaravathy and Kusha Sthali. SR Rao's study shows that Dwaraka made progress in on all fronts.

Lord Krishna lived for 120 years and the Mahabharata war was fought in 3138 BC. Lord Krishna lived for 36 years after the war. After his death, the Yadavas destroyed themselves and the city went down into the sea. All along the Dwaraka coast there are remnants of the era of Lord Krishna. Even the present Dwarakadheesh temple in Dwaraka was constructed by Lord Krishna's grandson Vajranabha.Dwaraka of yore tells the tale of India's historical and architectural greatness.

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