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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 00:00

Russians want Hinduism

russians hinduism russians hinduism
Russians wanted to opt Hindusim. They want to leave Communism. India will show their supremacy over the entire Asian continent. French Philosopher Micheal Nostradamus predicted these things,as discussed in various websites and other mediums.

Nostradamus belongs to 8th century. 800 of his predictions became true in the last 400 years. He said that India would turn as a great human power. He also predicted that Russia would attract towards Hindusim. He also predicted that a leader would born in the coming future. And that leader is a Hindu and his birth takes place in a peninsular region. He brings entire Asia on one stand. Russia will come out their communist ideas.

Russian soldiers and Indian soldiers collectively operates on some issues. Indian leader will take over Paris after a long battle, as predicted by Nostradamus. India is turning into a human power in the current scenario. Let's see how Nostradamus predictions come true in the future.

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