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Thinking out of the box helps you but you have to face the worst consequences if the ideas won't work. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi faced this type of situation recently.
The movement for the kapu rights in Andhra Pradesh is intensifying day by day.After the strike of Mudragada, Kapu movement struggled a bit but is accelerating again.To achieve their demands, Kapu caste leaders are arranging a meeting on 11th September at Rajahmundry, East Godavari district.
Dronamraju Satyanarayana filed a petition on NTR that he resorted to corruption,when he was CM. High court also confirmed it.NTR was shocked then. NTR fans were deeply hurt with that judgement and thought that Chandrababu Naidu might have done that as he was playing a key role in the party then.
A news from the AP government is coming out and creating buzz. Latest news is that Chandrababu conducted survey on all the ministers. According to sources, Babu said these words to Ministers in a cabinet meeting.
TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu is passing the time with stay orders. He managed to get stay orders in 16 cases. He got 8 weeks stay order from High court in the latest cash for vote case.
Chevi reddy Bhaskar Reddy argues that the TDP government is intentionally bringing the Tuni case on Bhumana Karunakar Reddy to divert the cash for vote case in which Chandrababu Naidu is facing charges.
Assembly sessions are held to implement the new policies formulated by the cabinet ministers. The ruling party should take the suggestions made by the remaining parties in the state. But AP government is giving least importance to assembly sessions.
All know that KVP and YS Rajashekar Reddy were good friends. Their families maintain friendly realtions with each other. But after YSR's death, the two families did not meet in the public. KVP and his family members did not attend the YSR death anniversary recently.
Chandrababu has a PhD in cheating the farmers, as said by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He took part in the dharna by the farmers at Cuddapah Collectorate office over water issue. He spoke to all the farmers in the dharna.
There are many changes in our politics since independence. Public money is spent on various personal things of political leaders. They are using public money for their personal grudge.Political leaders should work to solve public problems.
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