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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 3 day visit brings more investments to the Andhra Pradesh. The Indian government and UK jointly planning to contribute the its support for building the world class capital city in Amaravathi. The huge investments UK is planning to make in India This is the first ever time the centre got a deal for Amaravathi.
Andhra Pradesh Congress Party decided to intensify its agitation on the issue of special status for the state. The decision was taken at the executive committee meeting of Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee under president N Raghuveera Reddy's chairmanship.
NDA government led by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has been facing massive criticism for last few months over the rising 'intolerance' in the country. Several non-political personalities, especially writers and intellectuals, publicly expressed their concerns over the ideological viciousness in the country.They were reacting to several sporadic events such as communal violence, attack on individuals who dared to speak against fundamentalism, provocative remarks by ministers, ruling party leaders, and moral policing by right-wing organisations. Two specific incidents broke the silence of intellectuals: murder of rationalist writer M.M. Kalburgi and lynching of Muslim man by a Hindu mob on rumours that…
On a day when he should have filed nominations amid fanfare, senior Congress leader Sircilla Rajaiah found himself in police custody. Giving him company were his wife Madhavi and son Anil.
The tragic fire mishap in senior Congressman S Rajaiah not just took four lives, including his estranged daughter-in-law, but also his political ambitions.
That Prime Minister Narendra Modi is social media savvy is no news. But, what is news is that when he goes to Kashmir on November 7, the cops will keep the social media tightly under leash.
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