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Friday, 14 August 2020 00:00

YSRCP digital media chief’s sarcastic shocker to rebel MP

Sometimes people who think they’re too smart make silliest of the mistakes and end up as a joke. ‘Smart’ MP Raghuramakrishnam Raju, who has now rebelled against the party and is making headlines by making aggressive statements, found himself outsmarted by a young leader of the party. YCRCP digital media chief Devender Reddy Gurrampati has used social media to expose the hollowness of Raghuramakrishnam Raju. Raju had recently lodged a complaint with AP chief secretary Neelam Sahni and demanded action against Reddy for abusing him. He said Reddy had hurled invectives at him. To this, Reddy gave a befitting reply to the Narsapur MP on social media and this has gone viral. In his latest post on the Facebook, Reddy ridiculed the MP and said he does not even know how to write a complaint. He said that Raju should first know that Neelam Sahni is a female not a male. In the letter, Raju addressed Sahney as Sir instead of madam. Reddy said that how could Raju become an MP without even knowing this elementary thing. Claiming that this could be a copy paste error. “Was it an error committed at your end or at the end of those who drafted this letter and sent him,” Devender Reddy sought to know. He also implied that Raju was simply copying the text provided to him by someone else. He also questioned as to why Kanumuri Raghuramakrishnam Raju, who had won on the YSRCP B form is mentioning his national level post in his letterhead. Devender Reddy also sought to expose Raju’s double standards when he said that Raju was emoting to the script provided by the TDP. “We were not unnerved by the TDP-Congress cabal. How do you expect that we would be afraid of the Yellow Media-Chandrababu machinations. The YSRCP social media workers would never be cowed down by your machinations too, he said. He said the digital wing of the YSRCP would give a befitting and democratic reply to any attack on YSRCP, its government and the leader. He also asked Raghuramakrishnam Raju as to what was so most objectionable in his remarks against the Narsapur MP. This post is now going viral on the social media. Devendra Reddy Gurrampati is the YSRCP digital media chief and is known to take on the TDP social media wags very effectively. He stands by the YSRCP social media volunteers and leads a coordinated social media effort to highlight the YSRCP viewpoint.
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