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Wednesday, 06 January 2021 00:00

Megha development in Polavaram

The Andhra Pradesh government has embarked on another key milestone in Polavaram with Irrigation officials and Megha engineering experts will start concrete work on the Polavaram spill channel (at 10.30 am) shortly. Spill channel earthworks and concrete works were halted by floods in July 2020, and floodwaters that stood at more than 3 TMC for the floods where flood relief works started from November 20, 2020, with the installation of nearly 70 heavy pumps to pump flood water. Megha Engineering Company will start excavation and concrete work at the site where the water was removed. Megha engineering experts have already pumped 2.5 TMC of floodwater into the Godavari river. Excavation work started in the spill channel and construction work of internal roads. It is noted that 1,10,033 cubic meters of concrete work have been completed and 10,64,417 cubic meters of earth excavation work in Spill Channel were completed. Meanwhile, the authorities plan to complete the remaining excavation and concrete construction work by June this year
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