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Thursday, 11 February 2021 00:00

Jet speed in Polavaram; spillway pillars completed Featured

The most prestigious irrigation project of Andhra Pradesh, the gigantic Polavaram has reached another landmark. The crucial Spillway pillars construction work has been successfully completed. The government of Andhra Pradesh has taken this project as prestigious one and is putting all efforts to complete the project as per the stipulated time schedule. In this process Mega Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) is working on war foot basis on completion of Polavaram project in the due time.  This spill way construction is very crucial and also challenging in the Polavaram Project. As part of this 52 pillars with 52 meters height are erected on the spillway for discharging flood water. In Spillway Block 2, the design was changed for building Fish Ladder, for which permissions were pending and the construction of 2nd pillar was delayed. Once the design was approved and permissions were given the construction of 2nd pillar was taken up immediately and completed in very brisk pace. MEIL has completed the construction of pillars slab work which are of 52 meters height, and the bridge slab construction on these pillars is near to completion.  MEIL started Polavaram concrete work on 21st November, 2019. Right from the start the work is going on war foot base. Total Spillway slab length is 1128 meters of which 1095 meters work is completed. On spillway total girders to be installed are 192 of which till now 188 girders are been established, only 4 girders are to be installed. In a very short period of time MEIL has completed the spillway concrete work. Spillway Girders works and the Spillway bridge concrete works were commenced in July and September, 2020.  On Spillway Bridge 45 slabs are finished and remaining 3 slabs are near to completion. Total of 49 Trunion Beams are ready and out of 48 gates on Spillway bridge 28 gates are already erected. Very soon platform is been prepared to setup cylinders and power pack to these gates.  Mega Engineering and Infrastructure Limited is putting all its efforts to fulfil the decades long dream of the people of Andhra Pradesh state. Chief Minister Sri Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, has taken very much concern in completion of Polavaram project, which serve the irrigation and drinking water need for people of Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion Mr. Satish Babu Angara, GM, MEIL said that “construction of 52 pillars with 52 meters height on spillway is completed. After the final permission for design with Fish ladder second pillar was also built to 52 meters height. With this total 52 pillars construction work is finished. While construction was going on last year we had to face obstacles like heavy rains, floods and the Covid pandemic situation, which we overcame all and we are working continuously to complete the project with in the due time set by AP government.”
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